Celebrities back Summer Vegan Pledge

Posted on the 9th May 2018

Celebrities – including Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson, and cricket legend, Jason Gillespie – have lent their support to the Summer Vegan Pledge.

Lucy Watson, star of Made in Chelsea:

“I went from veggie to vegan after finding out how cruel the dairy and egg industries were, a secret that is kept well from the general public. As an animal-lover I would never want to support any industries that involve animal cruelty. A plant-based diet can be both exciting and delicious, plus there are added health and environmental benefits that just happen to be another bonus when making the change. There really is no downside.”

Mathew Pritchard, star of MTV show Dirty Sanchez, skateboarder and athlete:

“I went vegan purely because I have a huge love of animals, I disagree with factory farming and the cruelty they go through on a daily basis. I also decided to go vegan for health reasons and to help fuel my love of endurance sports.

“Since going vegan I’ve seen huge benefits and feel great, plus I can sleep at night knowing I’m doing my bit for the planet and the ones without a voice.”

Luke Cutforth, YouTube personality and film-maker:

“I turned vegan four years ago after realising that our treatment of animals is immoral, our relationship with meat and dairy is unnatural, and their impact on the environment is unjustifiable. These three combined made it clear that the only logical path is veganism.”

Carl Donnelly, stand-up comedian:

“If you’re someone who has an interest in caring for the world and those that inhabit it, why not take the Pledge and try veganism? It’ll help the planet and also make you feel better at the same time.”

Jason Gillespie, international cricket legend:

“Going vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I only wish I had done it sooner! I want to live in a kind and non-violent world, being vegan is a big step towards that.”

Wendy Turner Webster, journalist and TV presenter:

“I became vegan 25 years ago because no taste or fashion item on Earth is worth the horrific suffering that countless animals endure in order to feed and clothe us.”

Jona Weinhofen, musician:

“I decided to go vegan in 2000 when I began to learn about how animals are exploited and killed because of my consumer choices. I didn’t want to contribute to it any longer so I decided to give veganism a try. Since going vegan my health has thrived and I’ve put on more weight and muscle. I’ve never felt better when performing on stage and engaging in other physical activities like jiu jitsu.”

Sam Carter, musician:

“I went vegan 6 years ago and I never looked back. It is great knowing that I’m doing my bit to not create harm to any living being or the environment, while at the same time I’m feeling healthier and giving my body exactly what it needs nutrient-wise.”

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