Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival: Take Action!

Posted on the 12th March 2023

The notorious Cheltenham Festival, which has killed so many innocent horses, will take place 14-17 March 2023.

Animal Aid’s new campaign, which calls for a ban on Jump Racing, was launched earlier this month in order to highlight the dangers of Jump Racing to horses’ lives and welfare.

Our hard-hitting new film, created for social media, was viewed more than 100,000 times in the first week!

Other campaign initiatives included a host of bus adverts running through London.

Ban Jump Racing bus advert


Jump racing events – such as the Cheltenham Festival in March and the Grand National Festival in April – are heavily promoted through the media, which helps to normalise routine cruelty to horses (such as the use of the whip) whilst failing to present comprehensive information relating to horse deaths and injuries.

For more information:

  • Click here to see a list of the names and details of all the horses who have died at the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National Festival since 2000.
  • Animal Aid’s Horseracing Consultant, Dene Stansall, has analysed the issues surrounding Cheltenham Racecourse and the Festival, in his report entitled Why more horses die at Cheltenham than at any other British racecourse. He has also written a major briefing document on the issues with the Grand National racecourse and event.
  • In 2007, Animal Aid launched Race Horse Deathwatch – the only public record of the names and details of horses who were killed on British racecourses, compiled using Animal Aid’s meticulous research.
  • Animal Aid’s campaign to ban the use of the whip in racing was supported by 96 MPs. A public opinion poll in 2018 found that 68% of respondents oppose the use of the whip in racing.
  • Animal Aid’s campaign which calls for the creation of an independent body to be responsible for race horse welfare led to a Parliamentary debate five years ago. Animal Aid continues to campaign for the British Horseracing Authority to be stripped of its responsibility for race horse welfare, due to the shocking rate of race horse deaths and injuries.
  • In 2021, Animal Aid’s undercover footage from a UK abattoir that slaughters horses featured exclusively in a BBC Panorama programme entitled The Dark Side of Horseracing. The programme showed that equines, including horses from the British and Irish racing industries, were being slaughtered for their meat. One of the horses featured in the programme was top race horse Vyta Du Roc, who was killed for his meat. As a result of the programme, the British Horseracing Authority introduced regulations that make it compulsory for any horse who is racing in Britain to be signed out of the food chain. Animal Aid wants the government to go further and to introduce limits on the numbers of horses who can be produced, because this will result in fewer unwanted horses. For more information, visit:



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