More chicken eaten in the UK than red meat

Posted on the 30th June 2017

The amount of chicken meat eaten in the UK has been rising for some time due to it usually being cheaper than most other types of meat, and many people believing it to be healthier than red meat (meat from e.g. pigs, cows and sheep). But news emerged this week that people in the UK now eat more chicken meat than all red meat combined.

More than 900 million chickens are already slaughtered to be eaten in the UK each year, with the vast majority (more than 90 per cent) being raised in crowded, filthy and barren broiler sheds like the one pictured above, and are killed at just a few weeks old. Conditions on such farms are often so bad that the chickens suffer burns to their legs and feet from walking around in their own excrement, endure broken legs and wings due to being bred for unnaturally rapid growth, and diseases like campylobacter spread like wildfire. Many do not survive long enough to be taken to slaughter.

The explosion in chicken meat consumption in the UK over the past few years means that more and more birds must endure these appalling conditions for the entirety of their short, miserable lives.

But with all farmed animals being slaughtered at a fraction of their natural age and under horrific conditions – regardless of whether they are free range or organic; or reared for meat, eggs or dairy – the only way to ensure you are not supporting cruelty is to go vegan. Order a FREE Go Vegan pack right now to change your life for the better and save animals from suffering.

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