Christmas treats from Redwood

Posted on the 30th November 2012

And now for something completely different! Our lovely friends at the Redwood Wholefood Company gave us some advance samples of their special Christmas products to try at the Animal Aid office. These new items are available online or via your local healthfood shop (if you can’t find them, please do ask your local store to order some).

Here are just a few of the comments from our happy and contented staff…

Pork Style Sausage Rolls: ‘I would say that these sausage rolls are by far the best vegan ones I have tasted, surpassing other very well known brands. Easy and quick to cook, the perfect mouthful!’

Meat Free Sausage & Bacon Style Wraps: ‘These are great, I really enjoyed them! I had these as part of a roast dinner, but would definitely be happy having them as part of a fried breakfast or just in a sandwich. I highly recommend these as part of your Christmas Lunch!’

Beef Style Pasties: ‘The pasties were fantastic, with a really authentic pasty flavour that I’ve not experienced since going veggie, let alone vegan. I had one fresh from the oven with mashed potato, vegetables and gravy, and another cold the next day for lunch. If anything, it was even better the next day – the pastry was even still crispy.’

Duck Style & Orange Pate: ‘Got my mum to slip some to my dad on some crackers a few Sundays ago… sure enough he did not know the difference to the real thing! So as far as the “duck & orange” pate goes, it’s a thumbs up from the meat eaters!’

Sage, Onion & Cranberry Stuffing Bites: ‘These have a very nice flavour and are really moist. They’d be great for party or buffet nibbles – or could even act as ready made stuffing balls for a roast dinner.’

3 Pack Cheezly Selection: ‘I had some fun with this three-pack of festive cheeses. Starting with the red cheese I put it to good use on some mini pizzas, which worked well but was even better when mixed with the cheddar cheezly. I think it worked best in a cheese and pickle sandwich.

I had the blue cheese on crackers. This was really nice and was great with a sweet chutney that I had made before. The texture was good, not overly firm but not too squidgy. I will definitely be getting some of this in for the Christmas period.

Last was the cranberry style cheese. This had a similar taste and texture as the blue cheese but with the added tang of cranberries. This was my favourite of the lot and worked really well on its own or with crackers and condiments. A nice wine complimented it really well.’

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