On the day that a 118,000-signature petition demanding action on horse deaths at Ascot is presented…

Posted on the 16th June 2016

... the Queen's horse, Guy Fawkes, is killed

Just a few hours after campaigners from Animal Aid and Care2 handed in a 118,000 signature petition calling for an urgent independent inquiry into horse deaths at Ascot Racecourse, the Queens horse, Guy Fawkes, was killed. The three-year-old gelding was seen to have stumbled and fallen. He was later reported to have suffered a compound fracture of the right foot.

In recent years, Ascot Racecourse has had the worst fatality record of any flat (turf) racecourse in Britain. And, in contrast to other dual purpose racecourses, more horses have died on the flat at Ascot than on its jumps course.

In 2014, four horses died at the Royal June meeting and yet no official explanation as to why so many perished was made public. There was simply a brief description of the injuries suffered. Another horse was destroyed in 2015.

The death of Guy Fawkes brings to 27 the number of horses killed at Ascot since Animal Aid launched its online database that records on-course horse fatalities in 2007.

Says Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall:

‘The huge number of signatures on the Animal Aid/Care2 petition must, surely, show Ascot Racecourse that people want answers as to why so many horses die at its venue. The fact that yet another horse has been killed today strengthens our resolve to expose this industry for what it really is – a coldhearted business that exploits and kills horses while pretending that it cherishes them.’

Notes to editors

  • To date, 118,000 people have signed the petition
  • Since Animal Aid launched its online database of on-course horse deaths, Race Horse Deathwatch, 27 horses have died racing at Ascot Racecourse. Sixteen of those died on the Flat racecourse (ten during the Royal Ascot June meetings). Eleven horses have died on Ascot’s National Hunt (jump) course.

More information

  • For full background and interviews, contact Dene Stansall on 01732 364546.

Photos of the petition hand-in:

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