European Parliament hears scientific case against vivisection

Posted on the 13th May 2015

On May 11, the scientific validity of animal experimentation was debated in a groundbreaking hearing at the European Parliament. This debate took place as a result of the Stop Vivisection initiative, which gained signatures from more than 1 million EU citizens.

Scientific expert Dr Ray Greek took the lead in explaining the case against vivisection, giving the initial presentation. Dr Andre Menache, CEO of Antidote Europe, and Emily McIvor of the Humane Society International also presented a compelling case for abandoning the cruel and unreliable practice of vivisection. The debate, of course, included speakers who were tasked with defending animal research.

Whilst the hearing represented a vital step forward, the time allocated was not sufficient to make a comprehensive scientific case against the use of animals in research. Dr Menache closed the debate by calling for a more comprehensive hearing, over several days, in which the complex science could be explained in more depth.

We understand that many MEPs were extremely receptive to the case against vivisection, which provides a very positive basis for future discussions. But even before the hearing had taken place, it was already causing a great deal of anxiety amongst the pro-vivisection lobby, with prominent scientists desperately defending the use of animals in the Times, New Scientist and Nature (although the Times also published a letter from Animal Aid, which outlined the counter-argument).

The EU debate is an exciting step forward, but much work still remains to be done. Please order an End Animal Experiments action pack today, and find out how you can help.

Timing of key speakers:

    • Dr Ray Greek speaks at 0.44.43 and 1.23.23
    • Dr Andre Menache speaks at 1.27.06 and 3.00.00
    • Emily McIvor speaks at 2.28.56

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