‘Fake’ fur revealed to be dog fur

Posted on the 26th February 2007

Big names in the fashion industry are inadvertently using dog fur as trim on their garments. Brands including Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY bought ‘fake’ fur, sourced from China but laboratory analysis found that 24 out of 25 coats bought from stores in the US were wrongly labelled. Three were made from dog fur, 20 were made from raccoons and one came from wolves.

While the retailers may not have known that the product they bought was real fur, they clearly had not made stringent efforts to ensure the fabrics they sourced were cruelty-free.

An RSPCA spokesman said: ‘As China supplies worldwide markets, it’s highly likely that some of these garments are also on sale in Britain.’

With China’s central role in supplying fur and textiles worldwide, the only way to avoid buying cruel products is to boycott all fur trim, irrespective of whether the label declares it to be fake.

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