Five reasons to go vegan this World Vegan Day!

Posted on the 29th October 2020

1st November is World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month! Here are five reasons to give veganism a try.

  1. To help animals!
    Animals suffer horrendously during the production of animal products, including those which are considered ‘high welfare’. Animal Aid has documented horrific suffering on British farms and inside British slaughterhouses.

By going vegan and eating a plant-based diet, you’ll be removing your support for these appalling practices.

World Vegan Day 2020 -pig

2) For the environment!
Farming animals is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, water use, land use and water pollution. Comparative studies show that the carbon footprint of a vegan diet can be as much as 60 per cent smaller than a meat-based one.

For more information on the environmental benefits of going vegan, please see our Going Vegan for the Environment page.

3) It’s healthy!
Every major dietician and nutritionist board/organisation in the world, including the British Dietetics Association and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, recognises that a balanced vegan diet is healthy and provides all of the nutrients one needs to live a happy healthy life. In addition, research shows that those following a plant-based diet suffer lower rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

4) You could save money!
Some of the cheapest foods available are vegan. We’re talking beans, pulses, legumes, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, whole grains and things of that nature. Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to splash out on the fancy meat replacements (although they are delicious!). So, you can do your wallet some good by opting for cheaper plant-based protein sources.

For cheap and easy vegan recipes, check out our Plant-based Cooking on a Budget booklet!

5) It’s delicious!
Going vegan doesn’t mean going without. You can now get vegan versions of all of your favourites – from ice-cream, to burgers, to chicken nuggets and beyond.

See our Vegan Recipes section!

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