Five Simple Actions to Challenge a Mice or Rat Cull

If you find out that a mice or rat cull is happening, as well as letting Animal Aid know, here are some things that you can do yourself to try to stop it from going ahead.

house mouse looking at camera
  1. Contact the organiser
    Phone, email or write to the organisers, to explain why the cull is cruel and to suggest alternatives. We have an example letter you can use here.
  2. Encourage others to object
    The cull is more likely to be cancelled if there’s lots of opposition. Spread the word to friends and family and on social media. We have some suggested wording for a social media post here.
  3. Contact your councillors
    If the cull is being carried out by your local council or on council land, ask your councillors, to raise the issue within the council on your behalf. Here is an example of a letter to send to a councillor.
  4. Start a petition
    Petitions are a simple and effective way to show the level of opposition to a cull. Click on this link for advice on creating a petition and suggested wording.
  5. Contact your local media
    Getting the story in your local paper or radio station can publicise your campaign and get more opposition to the cull. Click here for help with this.

Useful Resources

Please note

Please don’t feel you have to do all the actions above, however the more you are able to do, the more likely a cull is to be cancelled.

If possible, try to get others involved, you could then allocate tasks depending on your experience. For example, one of you might have started a petition before and have a big following on social media, whereas another individual may have spoken to one of your local councillors in the past. If you are working on your own, get in touch and we can provide you with a list of groups in your area.

Please contact Animal Aid if you would like further support or have any questions regarding challenging a cull.