Get involved in this year’s Compassionate Christmas Outreach Day!

Posted on the 3rd November 2017

Take action for animals this festive season. Take part in Animal Aid's Compassionate Christmas Outreach Day on Saturday 25th November.

Christmas should be a joyous time for everyone – animals included. However, this cannot be said for the animals suffering for food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation. Help animals this festive season by taking part in Animal Aid’s Compassionate Christmas Outreach Day on Saturday 25th November!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Order your Compassionate Christmas Outreach action pack which is full of leaflets, booklets, and eye-catching posters: Order your materials now!
  2. Organise an outreach stall in your local town/city centre; this can include free festive vegan food giveaways, leafleting, or whatever you are comfortable with.
  3. Let Animal Aid know about your event so we can encourage others in your area to get involved.
  4. Send pictures of your event to Animal Aid so we can contact the local press and spread the message of compassion.

Thank you!

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