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Please note that the packs are available to UK residents only. For non-UK residents, visit World Animal Net to find information on animal rights/welfare groups in your country.

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  • Get Active!
    Packed full of advice for campaigning for animals.
  • End Animal Experiments and Medical Research Charities action pack
    Up to date information about vivisection and how you can help stop it – including information about medical research charities’ stance on funding animal experiments.
  • Go Vegan
    A vegan diet will help your health and the health of the planet. We’ll help you eat a healthy, balanced plant-based diet, free of all animal products.
  • Horse Racing
    The horrors of the racing industry exposed and ways to help this campaign, plus information on our campaign to ban the whip.
  • Shooting
    Everything they don’t want you to know about the shooting industry.
  • Wildlife “Culls”
    Wildlife in need of your help.
  • Christmas without Cruelty
    The perfect resource when planning a cruelty-free Yule.
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