Go vegan to protect the planet

Posted on the 30th November 2015

As world leaders meet in Paris to discuss climate change, we wonder if they will mention one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions – animal farming.

Methane, which has the potential to warm the earth 23 times quicker than carbon dioxide, is produced during the digestive processes of sheep, cows and other ruminants and is released from their untreated manure. Nitrous oxide, which is also generated by animal farming, is estimated to have nearly 300 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

These gases, combined with the vast amount of land, water and food it takes to produce animal products make it clear how unsustainable and damaging animal agriculture is to the planet.

The think-tank Chatham House has recently produced a report into the effects of meat production on the environment. In their report, they urge the government to introduce a ‘carbon tax’ on meat in order to reduce consumption, production and ultimately to tackle global warming. The report also confirms that the livestock sector accounts for more global greenhouse emissions than all of the transport sector combined.

It is clear that global warming is one of the biggest threats that we face at the moment, but animal farming is often overlooked as one of the greatest contributors. Going vegan is one of the best ways you can help protect the planet, so please order a free information pack today.

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