Good COP26, bad COP26, let’s remain hopeful.

Posted on the 3rd November 2021

World leaders are gathered at COP 26 to grapple with the urgent climate catastrophe that we collectively face. Already we are experiencing accelerated, deadly extreme weather events: Time is running out. We urge them to formally recognise the role of animal agriculture in decimating the climate - and act now.

So far, apparently there have been 90 pledges to cut methane emission levels by 30% by 2030 in a 'game-changing commitment' and talk of ending deforestation by 2030, but we must act far more quickly or there may be no forest left to save. The key link is animal agriculture which is churning out carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide at ever greater levels, fuelling global warming as well as leading to large-scale deforestation, extensive biodiversity loss, mass species extinction, water depletion, soil degradation and ocean dead zones. Importing soya from deforested areas to feed to millions of incarcerated intensively farmed animals is hugely environmentally damaging.

The negative impacts of the meat and dairy industry continues to seize headlines. A report by Friends of the Earth has found that just 20 meat and dairy producers, are responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than Germany, Britain or France. This issue can no longer be ignored.

It is imperative that world leaders support a swift progressive transition to sustainable, compassionate, healthier and planet-friendly, non-animal-based agriculture, and other sustainable forms of land management in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Animal Aid has joined with 50 other organisations to sign onto a joint open letter calling on COP26 to formally recognise animal agriculture as a major climate change contributor at this year’s conference.

We are amplifying this Humane Society International petition to ask COP26 to put this climate change culprit on the agenda and stop ignoring #thecowintheroom

Animal Aid will be joining the vegan marching bloc in Glasgow do join us if you are attending. Here’s the Viva! event page with further details:

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