Grand National chaos kills more horses

Posted on the 15th April 2023

The 2023 Grand National Meeting has left in its wake a tide of horses dead and injured.

Hill Sixteen suffered a broken neck at the first fence in the Grand National race and two horses were taken away in horse ambulances with life threatening injuries. Dark Raven was killed earlier in the afternoon and the fate of another faller, Castle Robin, also earlier in the afternoon, remains unknown. The death of Envoye Special on the first day of the meeting adds to the horrific animal abuse that takes place each year at this appalling event.

Despite the rhetoric from the racing industry and its supporters, that horse welfare is their number one priority, Aintree Racecourse and British racing as a whole, are failing horses. The reality is that 200 horses perish each year on racecourses, the Grand National being the worst of all in taking their lives.

  • Animal Aid is calling on jump racing to be banned with 1 in 58 horses who start each season, reported dead by the end of it. This shocking statistic carries with it individual stories of how each horse lost their lives.

Jump racing must be banned to prevent the brutal horrors seen today at Aintree and this week, from happening again. Innocent race horses’ lives taken from them in the name of entertainment and gambling. Aintree, the worst of all racecourses, is a disgrace and the Jockey Club and British racing should hang their heads in utter shame at what we have seen over the past three days.

Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall

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