Scenes of carnage at the 2018 Grand National

Posted on the 14th April 2018

There were scenes of carnage at the 2018 Grand National which left just twelve exhausted finishers from a field of 40 runners.

The gruelling 4 and a quarter mile steeplechase took its toll from the very first fence. And as the race progressed horses crashed to the ground in a melee, being brought down by fallen horses.

Twelve year-old Saint Are was a victim of this and he was taken off the racecourse after coming to grief in front of the stands after jumping and falling at the biggest and highest fence in the race – The Chair.

Saint Are was having his eighth race over the Grand National Course which Animal Aid considers to be unacceptable. Not only this, he had pulled up unable to finish in his two previous races in the lead up to today.

At the meeting on Thursday, horse Lilbitluso lost his life on the Grand National Course, the 50th to do so since the year 2000.

The television coverage by ITV showed this appalling race yet on the re-run its Editors chose to show just the spectacle and not the stricken horses at Becher’s Brook and the Chair fences. They were willing to broadcast and promote the race but it would seem only the aspects that they wanted people to see. ITV’s lack of transparency was truly shocking.

Says Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall:

‘Despite changes to the Grand National Course in recent years it remains an unacceptable challenge to horses. ITV coverage was less than decent and calls into question their role in maintaining this ultimate form of animal abuse.’

Editors’ Notes

For a full list of horse deaths at Aintree see our Race Horse Death Watch website.


We are pleased to hear reports that Saint Are is now expected to return to his stables today (April 15), after spending the night at Aintree. We hope that he continues to improve and makes a full recovery.

Sign our petition calling for government action on race horse deaths

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