Have a Compassionate Christmas!

Posted on the 4th December 2023

Spread ‘peace and good will’ to all animals this festive season.

It is estimated that around 10,000,000 turkeys are killed in Britain for Christmas dinners every year. Animal Aid investigations have revealed horrific suffering on British turkey farms, including those considered ‘free-range’ or ‘high welfare’. Our investigators witnessed shocking things: turkeys with untreated wounds, sick birds left to suffer, and dead and dying turkeys littering the floors of barns whilst other turkeys were forced to live amongst them.

This year, instead of perpetuating the suffering of innocent animals, opt for a vegan Christmas instead!

Animal Aid is here to help; you can get a free copy of our Have a Very Vegan Christmas booklet, which contains all the information you need to have a cruelty-free celebration, including recipes, shopping tips, gift ideas, and more.

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