Help campaign against grouse shooting – order leaflets and posters today!

Posted on the 4th August 2023

United Utilities, England’s largest corporate landowner, recently announced that it would not be renewing grouse shooting licences on its land. The company released a statement which read:

Instead of being maintained for grouse shooting, the company’s water catchment moors will be restored for nature, climate and people.”

This is fantastic news and will hopefully encourage other landowners to prohibit the killing of live birds, for sport or any other reason, on their land.

As well as the grouse who suffer and die, grouse moor managers brutally kill and maim huge numbers of wild animals in order to protect their profits. They also leave vast swathes of precious peatland burnt dry and scarred with vehicle tracks. This is all done so that unnaturally large populations of red grouse can be nurtured, on the moors, as live targets for wealthy ‘guns’.

Grouse shooting is unnatural, uncontrolled and unkind. Fight back and order leaflets, ahead of the grouse shooting season, which starts on 12 August.

Here are some ways to help the campaign:

  • Talk to people about this issue and hand out leaflets in your neighbourhood or local town centre.
  • Share our film, below, on social media.
  • Check our website for more ways to help.

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