The Hunting Act must remain!

Posted on the 27th July 2010

Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that he wishes to see an end to the Hunting Act. This law – which is supported by the majority of the public – took decades to pass. If the law is repealed, fox, deer and hare hunting will be made legal again, and so will the horrific ‘sport’ of hare coursing.

To get rid of the Act, pro-hunt MPs must first win a vote in Parliament, and it is by no means certain that they would be successful. It is expected, therefore, that there will be a preliminary vote by MPs to see if they do actually want to vote on repealing the Act.

This preliminary vote almost certainly won’t take place before October 2010 but no date has yet been established. Both the preliminary and the actual repeal vote could take place at short notice, and one could quickly follow the other.

We must act now.

  1. Visit the Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work to see the terrible (and currently legal) cruelties that are associated with hunting
  2. Find out where your MP stands on this issue by visiting Brian May’s Save Me website
  3. Order campaign postcards to send to your MP.
  4. Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 116
  5. Ask family and friends to sign and send postcards, too.
  6. Support the Day of Action! On September 18th, there will be street stalls up and down the country as campaigners collect signatures on postcards. Can you set up a table, too? Contact Animal Aid for more information and to order resources.
  7. Follow up any postcards you send with a letter to your MP. Or, even better, with a phone call or a meeting. Be polite and urge your MP to respect the will of the people and retain the Hunting Act.

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