Lidl, don’t get left behind! Please #MarkItVegan

Posted on the 14th September 2018

Lidl is the only major UK supermarket not to commit to clear and consistent labelling of its own-brand vegan products.

Lidl is potentially at risk of losing customers over its apparent refusal to commit to labelling their own-brand products. An Animal Aid survey found that 96 per cent of shoppers who purchase plant-based food are more inclined to purchase products that are labelled as ‘vegan’ in some way, and 69 per cent would consider swapping supermarkets if a competitor started to clearly label their own-brand products.

This puts Lidl behind their competitors – which is a shame because they do offer a range of vegan products.

Please join us in asking Lidl to #MarkItVegan!
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  • Tweet them: Hey @LidlUK, you are now the only major supermarket not to clearly and consistently label your own-brand vegan products. Please will you consider doing so? #MarkItVegan
  • Post on their Facebook page: Did you know Lidl is the only major UK supermarket not to clearly label all of their own-brand vegan/plant-based products? Please help make shopping easier for vegans, vegetarians, and those who are just interested in trying plant-based food by labelling your own-brand vegan products. Thank you.

-> Send them an email:
To whom it may concern,

I was disappointed to learn that Lidl is the only major UK supermarket not to have committed to clearly and consistently labelling its own-brand vegan products.

As you will no doubt know, the interest in veganism and plant-based eating has sky-rocketed in recent times and this is exemplified by an increase in vegan products available in supermarkets, as well as better labelling for products. In fact, a survey conducted by Animal Aid found that 96% of people who purchase vegan products would be more inclined to buy a product that was clearly labelled as such.

It would massively help those of us who purchase vegan food if you were to follow in the footsteps of every other major UK supermarket and commit to clearly labelling your own-brand vegan products.

Kind regards,

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