London gets an Animal Protection Officer

Posted on the 1st September 2002

While his persecution of the Trafalgar Square pigeons has lost Ken Livingstone a great many friends in recent months, there is some positive animal-related news to report in respect of the London Mayor. Thanks to hard lobbying by Green Party Members of the Greater London Assembly (GLA) - to which Livingstone reports - there is now to be the brand new post of a London-wide Animal Protection Officer (APO).

The job has been advertised, with the successful candidate required to work “internally with the Mayor, Assembly Members and GLA staff”, and “answer queries and develop programmes to address concerns relating to wild, captive, performing, farm, laboratory and companion animals”. The successful candidate will “have a wide range of relevant professional experience, plus a firm grasp of welfare and protection issues and the roles of organisations working in this field”.

The APO is potentially an extremely important post, given that the intention is not only to promote best practice across the boroughs but crack down on all that’s bad.

Animal Aid attended and played a key part in an important meeting last year that marked the turning point in ensuring that the new post would come into being. Also in attendance were several other rights and welfare groups, together with the Green Party, GLA politicians and officials, and representatives of the Metropolitan police and other agencies.

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