Make going vegan your New Year’s resolution

Posted on the 5th January 2015

The chances are, you probably overdid it this Christmas. A few too many mince pies, perhaps, or an overload of chocolate? Going vegan this New Year is a great way to start turning things around.

Plant-based foods are naturally low in saturated fats and cholesterol, and tend to be higher in vitamins and minerals. Plus vegans are usually slimmer – so it could help you to lose weight – and experience lower rates of a range of diet-related illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Going vegan this New Year is not just a healthier choice; it’s also a more compassionate one. Every year almost one billion farmed animals are slaughtered in the UK, including exhausted dairy cows and former egg-laying hens, while many more continue to suffer in often appalling conditions on farms across the country. By going vegan you are choosing not to support this cruel industry.

Ditching animal products is also great for the environment. Animal farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the motorised transport on Earth combined, as well as other forms of air and water pollution and deforestation. So, going vegan also means going green.

If you’re unsure how to go animal-free, there are loads of resources available to help you. You can order Animal Aid’s FREE Go Vegan pack, which is full of information on nutrition and plant-based products, as well as simple, tasty vegan recipes. Throughout January you can also take part in Veganuary – a month-long vegan pledge that comes with all kinds of support and information.

With supermarkets and high street shops stocking more plant-based products than ever before, going vegan has never been easier, so why not make the ethical, compassionate and healthier choice by going vegan this January?

Order a free Guide to Going Vegan

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