Ministry of Defence funds animal torture

Posted on the 2nd April 2020

Animal Aid’s new investigation exposes the horrific treatment of rats at the University of Birmingham, funded, in part, by the Ministry of Defence.

Rats were shot in the eyes with pellets. Up to two days later, some of the rats were killed and had their eyes removed. Others were injected in the eyeball immediately after being shot with no mention of painkillers. (Since we highlighted this experiment, an Animal Aid supporter who contacted Dstl, Porton Down, has been informed that pain relief was given to the animals and the injections were administered under a general anaesthetic.)

Whatever the scientific purpose behind such procedures, animals react differently to humans, and this is the problem with all animal experiments.

We want to end warfare experiments, they are cruel and unnecessary, exposing animals to chemicals, procedures and weapons intended to maim and kill humans.

We all face difficult times, but please spare a thought for the animals locked in laboratories 24/7, facing a life of pain, misery and inevitably death, in the name of unreliable science.

Without your generous donations, we simply would not be able to continue with our work to end this cruelty. Thank you.

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Rat behaviour

In the wild, rats are known to live in small family groups, within loose colonies. Rats are intelligent and when they share their lives with humans, some enjoy being tickled by people and even ‘laugh’ as a result (although this is not at a level that humans can hear).

brown pet rat on blanket

People have told us of their fondness and love for rats, how they are intelligent and loving. One person even told us how their pet rat would run about in the garden and return when they were called. Another described rats as being like little dogs and having one who would ride on their shoulder as they walked around their home.

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