More than 10,000 people call on Papa John’s to introduce vegan cheese!

Posted on the 24th October 2018

More than 10,000 people have signed our joint petition with Vegan Food UK, calling on Papa John’s Pizza to introduce a vegan cheese alternative. 

Papa John’s is perhaps the UK’s most well-known pizza chain, with outlets in almost every town and city in the country. And yet, they are also one of the only ones not to offer a vegan cheese alternative, despite being very vegan-friendly in terms of their bases and sauces.

Not only will this open them up to an even larger vegan market, but it will also appeal to those with allergies, those who want to try more vegan food and those who are actively reducing their animal product consumption. There is literally no downside.

Other actions

1) Tweet them!
Hey @PapaJohnsUK, pizza without cheese just isn’t the same. Please will you add a vegan cheese option?

Most pizza companies already offer vegan cheese, yet @PapaJohnsUK is one of very few who don’t 🙁 Please will you add vegan cheese to your menu?

2) Comment on their Facebook page!
Papa John’s is perhaps one of the only main pizza chains in the UK not to offer dairy-free/vegan cheese. Please will you add vegan cheese?

Pizza without cheese just isn’t the same; please will you consider adding vegan cheese to your menu?

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