Natural Resources Wales supports pheasant shoots

Posted on the 15th December 2015

Tens of thousands of pheasants are bred every year for Welsh shoots, operating on Natural Resources Wales land.

Many are intensively reared like factory farmed chickens

… and then released to be shot.

This bird was mortally wounded but not retrieved.

Competition for cover, nesting ground and food is fierce. Some birds end up on the road.

Especially because, as here, the shoot operators leave out feed for them

The feed is in the two green-capped units behind the road pylon and the road is in the foreground, immediately in front of the pylon.

The birds associate the road with food. They have yet to learn how dangerous traffic is. This female pheasant found out too late.

NRW dead female pheasant

The life of this male pheasant – who was hit by a car – is ebbing away. The bird was put out of his misery.

NRW dying male pheasant

NRW dying male pheasant

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