New evidence shows why ‘enriched’ game bird cages must be banned

Posted on the 6th July 2010

The new Hunting and Shooting Minister, Jim Paice, has withdrawn a new Code of Practice for 'game bird' production that would have outlawed battery cages for breeding pheasants. It has been replaced by a watered down version of the Code, which will effectively allow the cages to stay – albeit in their so-called ‘enriched’ form.

According to an article in The Independent on 5 July, Mr Paice’s decision to replace the Code followed concerted lobbying by pro-shooting groups.

Animal Aid has campaigned for a total ban on the battery (raised laying) cages since 2004, when we first exposed the cages via national television.

Our latest undercover evidence shows that the ‘enriched’ cages do nothing to improve the miserable and bleak existence of the incarcerated birds. Several of the birds were clearly suffering feather loss. Many had large, cumbersome ‘bits’ fitted to their beaks – designed to limit the damage caused to each other by stress-related aggression.

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