New film exposes the brutality and waste of the shooting industry

Posted on the 26th September 2022

Animal Aid has made a brand-new short film that exposes the horrors of the shooting industry.

Its release comes just ahead of the pheasant killing season, on 1 October, when wealthy shooters will use live pheasants for target practice.

Many people think that pheasants and partridges are wild, and that a few are shot for food. The reality is very different.

Around 60 million pheasants and partridges are purpose-bred every year – many of whom will have come from vast, industrial farms in the UK and Europe. It is on these very farms that we also find the use of battery cages for the ‘breeding stock’ – the birds who are used for egg-laying. Their eggs are taken away and hatched, and the chicks are boxed up and sent to shoot operators.

Eggs and even live chicks, considered sub-standard will be tossed into a huge grinding machine, known as a macerator.

Those who are ‘fortunate’ enough to escape the macerator will be reared, until the start of the shooting season, when they will face a barrage of gun fire. Many are not shot outright and face a slow and agonising death.

Most people don’t go shooting. Most people are against shooting. Please help us bring an end to this brutality and waste of innocent lives.

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