New vegan products released in November 2018!

Posted on the 3rd December 2018

Another month, another load of delicious new vegan releases! Here are some of our favourites.

New Morrisons ready meals

Morrisons have recently gone vegan-crazy with their new range! Earlier this year, Morrisons announced plans to introduce clear and consistent vegan labelling for their own-brand products. Their new ready meals include meals such as teriyaki mushrooms and noodles, vegetable paella, lentil hotpot and more!

Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger, by vegan meat-alternative company Beyond Meat, is not strictly a new product but it is now commercially available in the UK! Sold exclusively in Tesco, the Beyond Burger is said to be the world’s greatest vegan burger, and will indeed fool any of your meat-eating friends and family. Testament to its deliciousness, it is also the best-selling burger patty in Southern California.

M&S No Turkey Feast Sandwich

Gone are the days of the soggy falafel! The M&S ‘No Turkey’ sandwich features mock-turkey chunks, made from soya, paired with a cranberry chutney. It is great to see mainstream stores like M&S getting on board with vegan mock-meats and increasing their vegan on-the-go offerings. As a bonus, 5% of all sales go to homeless charity Shelter.

Tesco shredded jackfruit pouches

Tesco jack fruitJackfruit is now considered a mainstream meat-replacement. Tesco have recently released these ready-prepared jackfruit pouches which come in a variety of flavours including BBQ and Thai green curry. These are flavoursome and perfect for a quick and easy meal.

Asda vegan sausage rolls

Asda vegan sausage rollPerfect for all you flaky pastry fans! Asda’s new vegan sausage rolls form part of its new vegan pie and pastry range which also includes vegetable curry bakes, spicy bean bakes and sweet potato and chickpea pies.

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