New vegan products released in October 2018!

Posted on the 29th October 2018

October has seen huge amounts of new plant-based products being released; whether in supermarkets or fast food establishments, vegan options are hitting the shelves and high streets at a rate that is difficult to keep up with. 

  1. Waitrose goes vegan!
    Waitrose announced this month that sales of vegan and vegetarian food have increased by 85 per cent in the past year, and as a result they have also increased their plant-based offerings. Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson, has released a range of delicious and healthy vegan ready-meals in Waitrose stores under the name ‘Feed Me Vegan’. These feature vegan twists on traditional dishes, like Shepherds Pie and curry. In addition, Waitrose has released a whole bunch of own-brand vegan products; including pizzas, jackfruit parcels, cannelloni and more! Waitrose is indeed spoiling us!

  3. Morrisons introduces more vegan options

    Earlier this year, Morrisons announced that it will start to label their own-brand vegan products clearly and consistently. As such, their new vegan range is clearly labelled, making shopping easier for vegans and allowing non-vegans to see just how much delicious food we can eat. The new range features vegan cheese, ready meals, burgers, ready-made sandwiches and wraps and more!

  5. Asda isn’t falling behind either!

    This month Asda announced its new vegan Christmas range, which features a vegan cheese board, chestnut roast and chocolate caramel pots. This month Asda released a bunch of new own-brand products including a decadent chocolate torte, brand new vegetable-based sausages and burgers, as well as pies and pastries. That’s not all – following communications with Animal Aid, Asda has tweaked the ingredients in a number of their cereals to make them suitable for vegans!

  7. New Wicked Kitchen products in Tesco

    Wicked Kitchen has released 26 new products in Tesco stores, following the huge success of their original products. According to Tesco, sales of chilled vegan food at Tesco have soared by 25 per cent – this has lead them to introduce more products to meet this demand. The range features two desserts: the Charred Pineapple Dream Cake and the Red Velvet Brownie. As well as this, there are a number of new sandwiches and rolls, salad bowls, dips and pizza. Delicious vegan products encourage more people to try vegan food, and Wicked Kitchen certainly fits the bill with these new products.

  9. Subway trials vegan patty
    Subway has been trialling a vegan patty in three stores in Wigan, High Wycombe and Manchester. The patty is similar to the current veggie patty but is reportedly ‘a bit spicier’ and of course doesn’t contain eggs. Subway has introduced vegan options in other countries, including Australia, Finland and the USA. Let’s hope that the trial is a success and it is rolled out to all UK locations!

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