United for horses

Several animal protection groups and animal sanctuaries have joined together to speak out for race horses.

Posted 19 Mar 2021

Cheltenham Festival claims the life of Kings Temptation

The Cheltenham Festival confirmed its reputation as a lethal event for horses, with the death of nine-year-old Kings Temptation, who was killed on the second day of the Cheltenham Festival, in the gruelling 3 mile...

Posted 17 Mar 2021

Rest In Peace

The Cheltenham Festival

The notorious Cheltenham Festival will be taking place this year from Tuesday 16 through to Friday 19 March. Horses have died at the Festival every year since 2000, except in 2001 when the Festival...

Posted 09 Mar 2021

2011 Cheltenham Festival copyright

The Summer Vegan Pledge Returns for 2021!

Last year, we had to postpone the Summer Vegan Pledge, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we feel it has never been more important to encourage people to go vegan.

Posted 05 Mar 2021

Summer Vegan Pledge

No appetite for rabbit farming in the UK.

Help stop a rabbit meat and fur farm gaining permission to set up in Cornwall. The determination deadline for this application has now passed, but objections are still being registered. Please send an objection today,...

Posted 26 Feb 2021

Covid vaccines and veganism

As the covid-19 vaccine roll-out program continues, we’ve had enquiries from some of our supporters asking what is in the vaccine, whether you can still have the vaccine if you are an ethical vegan and...

Posted 15 Feb 2021

covid vaccine