Nightmarish scenes uncovered in UK slaughterhouse

Tenth to be filmed breaking the law Secret footage shot inside a South Yorkshire slaughterhouse has reignited a row over animal cruelty, in the latest of a series of undercover films showing widespread lawbreaking in UK...

Posted 18 Jan 2017

France passes bill ordering CCTV in slaughterhouses

On 12 January France passed a bill ordering slaughterhouses to install CCTV cameras, following an outcry over animal cruelty. Members of the French National Assembly were informed that lawbreaking is a widespread problem in the...

Posted 13 Jan 2017

RIP Richard Adams

We are very sorry to hear about the sad loss of one of our patrons, Richard Adams. His famous novel, Watership Down, helped to highlight the rich emotional lives of animals and the hardships they...

Posted 28 Dec 2016