World Plant Milk Day 2020

August 22nd marks the annual World Plant Milk Day; a day which aims to celebrate and promote dairy alternatives, and to expose the cruelty of the dairy industry.

Posted 14 Aug 2020

Objecting to planning applications

Is there is an intensive farm looking to set up in your local area? We have put together a guide to help you make an objection.

Posted 23 Jul 2020

Steanbow Farms, Somerset

Animal Aid’s Vegan Bake Off

In June 2020, we held Animal Aid's first Vegan Bake Off to give our supporters a chance to showcase their creations and show how easy it can be to cook with cruelty-free ingredients.

Posted 21 Jul 2020

Animal Aid's Vegan Bake Off

Should you be worried about giant rats?

Rats have been getting a lot of bad press recently. Stories have been circulating about ‘giant’ rats, cannibal rats and rat ‘invasions’. These are often exaggerated and prey on people’s deeply held fears of rats.

Posted 13 Jul 2020