Covid vaccines and veganism

As the covid-19 vaccine roll-out program continues, we’ve had enquiries from some of our supporters asking what is in the vaccine, whether you can still have the vaccine if you are an ethical vegan and...

Posted 15 Feb 2021

covid vaccine

Coca-Cola cancels fox cull!

Earlier this week it emerged that Coca Cola was planning a mass fox cull at their factory site in Sidcup. However, Coca-Cola agreed to stop the cull permanently after South London Hunt Saboteurs, campaigners and...

Posted 12 Feb 2021

Five reasons to try vegan in 2021

2020 was a different year to say the least, hopefully 2021 will be an improvement! With the New Year upon us, here's five reasons why you should consider going vegan this year.

Posted 01 Jan 2021