Order a Digital Vegan Pack!

Posted on the 15th April 2020

At present, we aren't able to send out physical information packs and materials, so we've put together a digital version of our 'Go Vegan' pack.

If you are thinking of going vegan, but need some extra help and advice, our Digital Vegan Pack is perfect for you.

The Digital Vegan Pack contains lots of useful information on how to go vegan, including recipes, nutritional advice, shopping tips and information on alternatives to animal products. You will also receive information of eating plant-based on a budget.

Going vegan is one of the best things we as individuals can do to reduce animal suffering and to lessen our impact upon the planet. A well-planned plant-based diet also contains all of the nutrients your body needs to thrive; in addition research suggests that those following a plant-based diet suffer reduced risks of type-2 diabetes,heart disease and certain types of cancer.

So if you are looking to make a positive difference for animals, the environment and your health, why not order a FREE Digital Vegan Pack today?

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