Animal Aid Launch Postcard Campaign Against Squirrel Culling Wildlife Trusts

Posted on the 5th July 2018

Grey squirrels need your help!

grey squirrel postcard

Animal Aid have launched a new campaign postcard to help stop grey squirrels from being culled. The new cards will be sent to the Wildlife Trusts that are part of a grey squirrel culling initiative called Red Squirrels United.

The culling is all part of a misguided attempt to support red squirrels. We believe this is cruel and ineffective, and the Wildlife Trusts should instead be investing in humane methods to boost numbers of red squirrels.

Animal Aid previously helped to deliver a 100,000+ signature petition to the Wildlife Trusts’ head office in Newark. This called for an end to grey squirrel culling, and was started by dedicated campaigner Courtney Scattergood. In addition, more than 11,000 people complained to Red Squirrels United through our website.

Despite their outspoken opposition to the badger cull, the Wildlife Trusts are supportive of the culling of grey squirrels.

Order our postcards to send to local Wildlife Trusts stating you will not support them while this culling continues, and encourage them to explore humane methods of helping red squirrels.

Find out more about grey squirrels in Britain

Order free grey squirrel postcards

Order free grey squirrel postcards to send to local Wildlife Trusts

  • Please note that we do not post campaign materials outside of the United Kingdom, due to prohibitive postage costs. Sorry for any disappointment.
  • Please choose either your local/preferred Wildlife Trust, or all four. These are all Trusts that are part of the squirrel culling initiative known as Red Squirrels United.
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