Our work in 2019

Posted on the 19th December 2019

Thanks to you, we have been able to achieve a lot for animals in 2019. While there is always so much more to be done, a great deal of positive progress has taken place. From the Scottish government agreeing to mandatory slaughterhouse CCTV, to our brilliant voluntary school speakers giving hundreds of talks and cookery demos, there is a lot to celebrate. And of course, it is your tireless campaigning and generous donations that make this progress possible.

Below is a brief roundup of our work for animals in 2019.

What you helped us achieve for animals in 2019

Of course, the graphic had to be prepared a little in advance, so even more has happened since then. Just one example is our work in the run up to the General Election, when our Vote for Animals website helped people to lobby their candidates about critical animal protection issues.

Please help us to achieve even more for animals in 2020. Visit our Take Action page, and join Animal Aid as a member.

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