Papa John’s: We want vegan cheese please!

Posted on the 11th October 2018

Animal Aid has teamed up with Vegan Food UK to call on Papa John’s to introduce a vegan cheese option.

Despite being one of the most prominent pizza chains in the UK, Papa John’s is yet to offer a vegan cheese alternative for pizza, despite being very vegan-friendly with their bases and sauces.

Vegan cheese has come on leaps and bounds over the years, which has resulted in it being used by many restaurants – including most pizza chains and restaurants. Despite this, there are still some that don’t offer this option. A cheeseless pizza just isn’t the same!

Given the huge number of people ditching dairy, surely it is time for all pizza eateries to offer consumers a plant-based alternative?

We’ve teamed up with vegan blogging and news website, Vegan Food UK, to call on Papa John’s to introduce vegan cheese.

Other actions
1) Tweet them!
– Hey @PapaJohnsUK, pizza without cheese just isn’t the same. Please will you add a vegan cheese option?

– Most pizza companies already offer vegan cheese, yet @PapaJohnsUK is one of very few who don’t 🙁 Please will you add vegan cheese to your menu?

2) Comment on their Facebook page!
– Papa John’s is perhaps one of the only main pizza chains in the UK not offer dairy-free/vegan cheese. Please will you add vegan cheese?

– Pizza without cheese just isn’t the same; please will you consider adding vegan cheese to your menu?

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