Parents would welcome more vegan options in schools, Vegan Society report

Posted on the 25th March 2022

A new report from The Vegan Society has found that a substantial number of parents would welcome more vegan food options in schools.

The report – Vegan Food for Children – involved a survey of parents of school children. It found:

  • 30% of parents and guardians “completely” support an increase in vegan food options in school canteens.
  • An additional 39% “somewhat” support the move, meaning a total of 69% are in favour of an increased number of vegan food options at school.
  • 48% would support meals focussed on wholefoods.
  • 46% said that they would like to see more meat alternatives on offer.

Other findings of the report show that a significant number of parents and guardians support an increase in plant milks and dairy alternatives, as well as more fruit-based vegan desserts in schools.

Read the full report

Young people understand more than anybody that climate change is a threat to us all, and an increasing number of them have made the connection between animal agriculture and the climate emergency, and as such they are making changes to their diets to help combat this.

Schools have a responsibility to ensure that every child, vegan or otherwise, has access to healthy food and this can easily be met by increasing the number of vegan options available, which will also help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the school – further helping the future generations that they teach.

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