Peter Egan becomes Animal Aid patron

Posted on the 18th April 2019

We are very excited to announce that Peter Egan has agreed to become a patron of Animal Aid. The acclaimed actor has starred in programmes including Downton Abbey and Hold the Sunset, and is a dedicated animal rights activist.

Peter speaks out tirelessly for animals around the world. He has already provided invaluable support for Animal Aid’s campaigns, including our work to stop horses from losing their lives in racing.

Peter joins Sara Pascoe, Carol Royle, Peter Tatchell and Wendy Turner Webster who are also patrons of Animal Aid. All our patrons play a vital role in raising our profile and being ambassadors for our work to bring an end to animal cruelty.

Says Peter Egan:

‘I am delighted to join the team of committed patrons for this great organisation. I admire Animal Aid’s terrific campaigning work and I look forward to contributing to their, now our, great work.’

Says Animal Aid Director, Isobel Hutchinson:

‘We are delighted and honoured that Peter has agreed to become an Animal Aid patron. As both a highly acclaimed actor and a dedicated advocate for animals, Peter is the perfect ambassador for our work to speak out for the most vulnerable animals and create a cruelty-free world.’

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