Help Protect Local Wildlife

Posted on the 3rd May 2023

Wildlife in Britain is rapidly declining due to many factors, such as urbanisation, pollution, pesticide use and climate change. However, many wild animals that do survive are labelled as pests and targeted and killed because they are deemed to interfere with our lives.

Misinformation about certain animals is often spread by the pest control industry to increase their business. This often leads to horror stories in the media, of holiday makers being attacked by gulls or family homes being overrun by plagues of rats for example.  

As a result, local authorities and other public and private organisations are often called upon to ‘control’ wild species. Killing animals just because they cause a ‘nuisance’, such as digging up flower beds or creating noise at certain times, is a disproportionate response. Instead, we should look to find more compassionate ways to live in harmony with the animals with whom we share the planet. 

Alternatives to culling

There are many cost-effective humane alternatives to culling if certain animals are causing issues. These are explained in Animal Aid’s ‘Alternatives to Culling’ booklet and all local authorities have been sent this guide. Although many organisations now understand that killing wildlife is cruel and ineffective, culling does continue. 

What can you do to help?

If you hear about a cull in your local area, there are some simple actions you can take to try to stop it from taking place. Animal Aid have created some useful guides to make it this as easy as possible for you, which you can access on our website. 

How to Challenge a Local Wildlife Cull

In the past we have found that when people living in the area challenge a cull, it is far more likely to be cancelled, compared to when Animal Aid oppose the cull on our own. Therefore, we really encourage you to take these actions to help wildlife that may be at risk. 

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