‘Put the gun away’ says Brian May

Posted on the 15th February 2012

Queen’s Guitarist Joins the Campaign to Save Windermere’s Geese

Legendary rock guitarist Brian May has today announced his opposition to the proposed cull of Canada geese on Windermere. Dr May, whose organisation Save Me campaigns for better treatment of animals, has spoken out strongly in support of the geese. He says:

‘The proposed cull of Canada Geese in Windermere is the latest in a string of bad decisions to perceived problems relating to wild animals. The current climate of ignorance leads many people in authority, responding to the first complaint about an inconvenience or a loss in income, to reach for the gun. There is no need for me to comment about the multiple trumped-up bits of supposed scientific evidence offered to support this very ill-considered decision. All the justifications offered for the killing have been demolished by Animal Aid’s analysis.

‘This decision needs to be reversed, but not just because of the lack of scientific justification. There is a bigger picture. We have to start realising that all sentient creatures are worthy of respect. Just because a species is judged to be non-native is no justification for slaughtering innocent families of animals. The present population of all creatures in the UK, including humans, is the result of a continuous infiltration and readjustment over thousands of years. Adopting a policy of killing immigrant individuals is unthinkable. It is now time to become responsible in our treatment of all animals, and to see further than our immediate knee-jerk reactions. Every animal has a life. Every creature matters.

‘The order for this cull must be rescinded now, and some proper thought given to what action is needed, if any.’

The Lake District National Park Authority recently announced plans to shoot 200 of the 1000 resident Canada geese on Windermere this year, as it claims that the birds are responsible for polluting the lake with phosphates in their droppings and causing damage through grazing. When asked about the scientific basis for its claims, the Authority admitted: ‘Windermere has had no specific studies regarding the effects of Canada geese on local habitat.’

Much research has been conducted, however, into the source of the phosphate pollution. It has found that fertiliser run-off from local farms, raw sewage (which is pumped into the lake), and detergents and dishwasher tablets from local households are all major contributors.

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