Save animals this Christmas with Their Christmas Wish

Posted on the 6th November 2020

This Christmas, you can help save innocent turkeys and other animals from a horrific death by choosing vegan instead.

Turkeys are amazing little creatures. Each of them has their own personality, they are intelligent and inquisitive animals, but above all, they all deserve to live a life free from harm and suffering.

Sadly, for most turkeys, Christmas time means being born onto factory farms, facing being confined to cramped sheds and being forced to endure mutilations and may encounter the risk of injury through injurious pecking from others, as a result of the stressful conditions of a factory farm.

And regardless of where these animals are born, they all face a terrifying and brutal death at the slaughterhouse.

Meet some of the lucky ones
Thankfully, some turkeys destined for the dinner table are rescued and get to live the rest of their lives at animal sanctuaries.

All turkeys deserve to live their lives free form harm, just like these ones. Their Christmas Wish refers to the wish of all animals not to be harmed and to lives the rest of their lives without fear of being sent to the slaughterhouse.

You can help!
If you want to save animals from a brutal death this holiday season, it has never been easier! By signing up to support Their Christmas Wish you’ll receive a FREE copy of our festive recipe book Have a Very Vegan Christmas which features amazing plant-based recipes and all of the tips and information you need to make your Christmas an amazing plant-based feast!

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