Shocking scenes at Dyers free-range egg farm in Milverton, Somerset

Posted on the 28th June 2018

On the 9th June Animal Aid sought to highlight the conditions of a typical free-range ‘higher welfare’ egg farm. This industry often likes to portray itself on egg box packaging with happy hens roaming freely on grass in the sunshine. Quite a jump from the reality of what our footage revealed…

Upon entering the shed, our investigators described being hit by the strong stench of ammonia in the heavy, dusty and stifling air. Thick cobwebs lined the walls. Combined with the noise of thousands of hens, conditions were ‘absolutely overwhelming’. Birds clambered over each other to access food, reach perches or try to avoid other hens.

There appeared to be masses of hens, all of whom appeared to have had part of their beak removed, a painful procedure, done to prevent injurious pecking. Many others had severe feather loss. We question why exactly would happy hens would have to be mutilated like this, if their needs were being met and they were truly content? Utterly heart-wrenching and absolutely avoidable.

Watch the footage

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