Snares petition – you did it!!!

Posted on the 29th March 2022

A huge thank you to the 100,000 compassionate and dedicated people who signed or shared our government petition to ban snares – absolutely amazing work! Securing these signatures should mean we are offered a government debate on snares, which is hugely exciting.

Our heartfelt gratitude also goes out to all the groups that have supported the campaign. This issue has been incredible in the way it has united individuals and organisations right across the spectrum; from wildlife to companion animal groups, grassroots to national organisations – and from campaigning to rescue groups, everyone has come together to take a stand against barbaric snares.

High profile public figures, like Chris Packham, Peter Egan and Deborah Meaden also called for the ban, ensuring that many more people learned about the campaign and the cruelty of snares.

Reaching this amazing goal is the start of a process to take this campaign into parliament. Once we have a date for the debate, we will ask for your help once again, to encourage as many MPs as possible to attend the event and speak about this important issue.

But for now, it just leaves me to reiterate our sincere thanks to all our amazing friends who work tirelessly for a better world for all animals.

Ask your MP to sign this Early Day Motion on snares

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