St Day Rabbit Cull – our response

Posted on the 11th April 2019

We were recently alerted to a rabbit cull by the waste management company SUEZ due to take place at the United Mines landfill in St Day, Cornwall.

We quickly reached out urging them to call off this cull, and suggested humane deterrence methods they could use. We also posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages asking people to politely contact the SUEZ and ask them to stop the cull. Suez’s response was posted on their website last night. Our response to this statement is as follows:

While SUEZ may believe that this cull will have a positive effect on the landscape, we believe that it is cruel, unnecessary and avoidable. Culling wildlife is an endless cycle, which proves both bloody and expensive. Killing these rabbits because they disrupt the establishment of a new wildlife habitat by eating some plant shoots is perverse. Killing existing wildlife to potentially make room for other wildlife is unethical and irrational. Fencing, plants disliked by rabbits and dried holly are simple, but effective ways of temporarily deterring them from the grounds while exploring long-term solutions. We urge SUEZ to show some compassion and tolerance to these rabbits, call off this cull, and consult with a humane wildlife deterrence expert. There is always a better solution than taking the lives of wildlife.

If you know of a wildlife cull happening near you, please let us know

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