Ten steps to a kinder New Year

Posted on the 1st January 2018

We'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year from everyone at Animal Aid!

Please read on for some easy suggestions on how to help animals in 2018.

  1.  Help stop animal suffering by swapping unkind cuisine for delicious vegan alternatives. Nowadays you can buy vegan alternatives to more or less any animal-based product you can think of! Why not order our FREE vegan guide to get started?
  2. If you have any trouble with unwelcome animals in your home or garden, use humane methods to deter them instead of cruel traps and poisons. You can download our useful advice sheets, or order free copies by emailing info@animalaid.org.uk.
  3.  Make sure that any unwanted Christmas gifts are given to animal-friendly charity shops, and not those that support animal experiments. Check our online guide, or order a free wallet-sized copy to find out about different charities’ policies. You can also download our free app by searching for Cruelty-Free Giving on iTunes or Google Play.
  4. Put food and water outside for wild birds and continue replenishing this throughout the winter. Nuts, seeds and chopped fruit are especially popular.
  5. Thinking of getting fit and active in the New Year? If you run a marathon or do a sponsored slim to raise money for charity, make sure you only donate to charities that don’t support animal experiments.
  6. Remember to recycle! Cardboard boxes, Christmas cards and wrapping paper should be recycled where possible. Take unwanted gifts to an animal-friendly charity shop.
  7. Buying cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes? Make sure that you’re not contributing to animal testing by looking for the Leaping Bunny logo or shopping in Lush. You may also like to try Animal Aid’s exclusive range of body and haircare products. Everything in our cruelty-free shop is both non-animal tested and vegan, so you can’t go wrong!
  8. Watch out for fur trim on gloves, coats and boots. Don’t assume it’s fake –  always check the label to make sure it’s 100% synthetic and be aware that sometimes the label may only refer to the main article and not to trim or bobbles, etc. If in doubt, don’t buy.
  9. Only go to animal-free circuses, and don’t go to the zoo. Putting animals on display is degrading to them and has a hugely negative impact on their welfare.
  10. Join a local vegan group or animal rights group and get active and vocal for animals. Not only will you be helping spread the word and to change other people’s lives, you will also be meeting like-minded people and could make some great friends. Feel free to contact us for details of your nearest group!
Happy New Year!

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