The egg industry is cruel. Here’s why.

Posted on the 9th October 2023

13th October is World Egg Day, which aims to promote the egg industry, but the egg industry is cruel to animals.

Many eggs still come from caged hens

Many people think that hens in the egg industry are no longer confined to cages, but that isn’t the case. In the UK, an estimated 35% of chickens in the egg industry are still kept in cages.

Want to see what this looks like? Take a look at one of our investigations below.

Our investigations have shown the reality

Animal Aid has investigated egg farms throughout Britain and uncovered horrific scenes. Whether they are caged farms, or ‘free range’ or ‘high-welfare’ farms, our investigators have documented the stark reality of British egg farming.

These animals deserve better.

The egg industry sends animals to slaughter

One thing that the industry likes to keep hidden from people is that the egg industry is responsible for the slaughter and death of millions of chickens.

Male chicks born at hatcheries are useless to the egg industry because they do not lay eggs, so they are killed shortly after being born. In the UK, most of them are gassed to death, but other permitted methods include being minced up alive.

What about the egg-laying hens? Well, once their bodies are worn out and they are no longer considered profitable, they are usually sent to the slaughterhouse. This is usually when they are about 18 months old.

You don’t have to support this cruelty. We have no need to consume eggs, and with so many vegan options now available, it has never been easier to be vegan!

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