Help End Lethal Dose Animal Tests – It’s Time For Better Science

Animal experiments – such as the Lethal Dose 50% test (LD50) – are cruel, outdated and scientifically unreliable. Thankfully there are now more advanced ways to test the toxicity of substances without using animal tests which are nearly 100 years old. We are asking the government and industry to replace the LD50 tests with science made for the 2020s, not the 1920s. It’s time for better science!

Since the invention of the LD50 in 1927 so much has changed: we have launched rockets and satellites into space, we carry powerful computers in our pockets and artificial intelligence is on the verge of transforming our lives. Yet despite its obvious flaws, this basic and old fashioned LD50 test is still being used today and takes the lives of around 80,000 animals annually in the EU alone.

Fortunately, there are now much better, more reliable ways to test the safety of substances than LD50 tests. We can look at subtle changes to cultured human cells, use powerful software to model and predict how humans will react, and there’s even human organ-on-a-chip technology – devices which are seeded with human cells to provide relevant and accurate data.

Animal Aid has funded scientists at non-animal research laboratory, XCellR8, to develop a replacement to the LD50 tests. This non-animal replacement, AcutoX, is now ready to be used by industry to assess the safety of products, which is extremely exciting and can save millions of lives across the world. We now need industry and government to ensure this new test is used – to deliver science fit for 2024.

Please join us in calling for urgent action from government and those conducting the tests to end animal testing and ensure that LD50 test does not reach 100 years old.

It’s Time for Better Science  #EndLD50

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