Ban the whip!

Horses are the only animals who may be beaten in public for entertainment. That is why Animal Aid has campaigned for some 15 years to ban the whip from racing in Britain.

A ban on the whip for any use other than safety is very popular and perfectly practical. A public opinion poll in 2018 found that 68% of respondents oppose the use of the whip in racing. When only including those who expressed a view, this figure rose to 83%. It was banned in Norway in 1982 and British jockeys still ride there.

Racing’s regulator, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), specifically sanction jockeys to whip their horses for ‘encouragement’ – in other words, in an attempt to improve a jockey’s chance of winning. Unconvincingly, the BHA’s justification for allowing horses to be whipped on these grounds, is that it allows them to stay ‘focused and concentrated’. The reality is that some jockeys will beat tired, struggling horses, in order to squeeze every last drop of effort from them.

It is crucial that we show the government and the racing industry that the public want a ban on the whip.

Please write to your MP straight away and ask them to sign Early Day Motion 135 calling for a ban on the whip.

Ask your MP to support a ban on the whip in horse racing