National Anti-Shooting Week

Animal Aid’s National Anti-Shooting Week takes place at the end of the September, just ahead of the start of the pheasant shooting season.

Every year, around 50 million pheasants and partridges are purpose-bred for the shooting industry. Animal Aid continues to call for a ban on the production of birds for ‘sport’ shooting. But as an important interim measure, we are campaigning for an end to the battery cages in which thousand of ‘gamebirds’ used for egg production are incarcerated.

A major investigation, commissioned by Defra and published in August 2015, was supposed to look at whether the cages could meet gamebirds’ welfare needs. Instead, it simply assessed different kinds of so-called enrichments – none of which made much difference to the birds. This is because the cages are grossly abusive and no amount of enrichment will change that fact.

A YouGov opinion poll, commissioned by Animal Aid in 2014, found that 77 per cent of respondents opposed the use of cages to breed partridges and pheasants for ‘sport’ shooting. That figure rose to 87 per cent when counting only those who expressed a view.

The cage ban will be the focus of this year’s National Anti-Shooting Week and we are asking you to help with this goal in any or all of the following ways:

  • Send a message to your MP asking him or her to support a cage ban.
  • Share our 2015 undercover film (below) on social media. This shows the miserable metal cages in which breeding pheasants are kept. Equally bleak are the barren partridge cages, which breach the official Code of Practice for Gamebirds.


Thank you!