Things the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know…

Posted on the 8th February 2023

FebruDairy is a futile attempt by the dairy industry to promote its cruel and environmentally damaging products. Here’s what they won’t tell you.

Dairy isn’t slaughter-free

Many people seem to be under the illusion that dairy doesn’t result in the killing of animals. After a life of exploitation, most dairy cows are considered ‘spent’ at around 5 or 6 years old, meaning they are no longer considered profitable by the industry. At this point, most of them will be sent to the slaughterhouse.

The separation of calves from their mothers

It is common practice for calves to be torn away from their mothers shortly after birth. This is solely so the milk produced by the mothers for their babies can be taken from them, so humans can drink it. Often, once they have been taken away, the calves will be placed in tiny hutches for up to eight weeks, before being sent to be raised for veal, meat or the dairy industry.

Dairy farming is one of the biggest causes of water pollution

Research shows that animal farming, in particular dairy and intensive chicken farming, is the leading cause of water pollution in the UK. Slurry –waste from the cows – runs off from farms and into rivers, streams, and waterways where it pollutes the water, causing untold damage to the environment and, wildlife. To give some perspective, each of the UK’s 2.6m dairy cows produces up to 53 litres of manure a day. That’s approximately 50 billion litres of manure a year – enough to fill Wembley stadium more than 12 times.

Image: Environment Agency

Dairy is the most environmentally damaging milk

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, water use and land use, research shows that dairy is the worst milk, environmentally, when compared to plant-based drinks.

The dairy industry will tell you that it isn’t a cruel and environmentally damaging industry, but the facts speak for themselves. This FebruDairy, go FebruDairy-Free and opt for plant-based foods instead!

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