Thousands call on Kellogg’s to increase vegan cereal range!

Posted on the 10th June 2020

We’re calling on Kellogg’s to switch the vitamin D3 used in their cereals to a vegan version.

More than 4,500 people have signed our joint petition with vegan social media blog Herbivore Club, calling on Kellogg’s to switch the vitamin D used in their cereals to a vegan version. Currently, Kellogg’s uses a vitamin D3 derived from wool, making many of their cereals not suitable for vegans. However, making a simple switch to a plant-based version will mean many of their cereals with be vegan by default.

Vegans avoid wool and products made from wool for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is an inherent link between the wool industry and the meat industry. Additionally, undercover investigations into the wool industry have shown abuse and horrific treatment of gentle sheep during the shearing process.

Actions you can take!

  • Sign the petition:
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    Hello @KelloggsUKI & @Kelloggshelp_uk! Whilst it is great that you have some cereals that are suitable for vegans, most of your cereals would be vegan but for the use of animal-derived vitamin D3. Please will you swap this for a plant-based version? Thank you.

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