Today’s news highlights two more reasons to go vegan

Posted on the 8th December 2015

Two stories in the news today emphasise the urgent need to drop animal products and adopt a cruelty-free vegan diet. Speaking at the climate change talks in Paris, Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged the public to reduce their meat consumption in an effort to help prevent climate change. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of global warming, and we would encourage anyone concerned about this issue to go vegan.

In other news, a report released today has added to the ever-increasing weight of evidence indicating that antibiotic use on animal farms poses a serious threat to public health. Farmed animals are often kept in cramped, filthy conditions and pushed to their physiological limits in order to minimise costs and maximise profits. These are the perfect breeding grounds for contagious diseases and vast quantities of antibiotics are frequently used to keep the animals alive long enough to be slaughtered. Despite years of promises from the farming industry, the use of antibiotics has still not decreased.

It has never been easier to drop animal products and go vegan. By adopting an animal-free diet, you can help to protect the environment, safeguard public health and ensure that the food on your plate is not contributing to the suffering of farmed animals.

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